Sunday, December 19, 2010

MIA: Holiday Spirit.

I am beyond thrilled to be wrapping up this past week because let me just tell you all it was a doozy. I find myself simply not in the spirit of the season, which is sort of bumming me out. I usually am all ready to go this time of year and enjoy the baking, decorating and wrapping of gifts, but for some reason last week took me right out of the Christmas spirit. OK to be fair it wasn't the entire week that did me in, it was Friday that I am holding solely responsible for my Bah Humbugness. (That's a word right?)

In one day I got some personal news that I didn't plan on, my husband's car decided to break down and apparently some lovely stranger thought that it would be nice to steal our ATM info and help themselves to some of our money, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

I do realize that things could be worse, trust me I know, but we always seem to be the type of people that when it rains it pours and the fact that all this went down in one day = not so fun. But I am slowly pulling myself out of my funk that made me want to hide in bed all weekend with some bad 80's movies (Money Pit, anyone). We are lucky enough to have a great bank who has assured me we will be getting a refund sometime this week of the money that was stolen, a greater mechanic who is honest and great at what he does and will hopefully tell us some good news tomorrow like it will not cost more than what the car is worth to fix it, and wonderful friends who have truly become our extended family.

So it will be my goal this week to pick myself up by the bootstraps and slap a smile on my face. I will do my best to have a Griswold Q Family Christmas. I am also going to make myself buckle down and spend some more time on the ole blog as I feel it has become a bit humdrum around these parts. I truly appreciate those of you who have continued to stop by and say hello and I promise things will pick up around here once again. And a super big Thanks for playing the part of my therapist and reading this rambling post.


  1. Agh, never a good time for that kind of news and certainly not in the holiday rush. And, they do say things come in threes. But alas, you have vented and are on your way back. I will look forward to spending more time with you in the new year as your posts always leave me wanting more. Merry Christmas Angela, and may your new year bring you and yours many joyful moments. Keep your sunny-side up!Hugs, Margie

  2. Oh no! What a terrible day ... a weekend in bed watching bad 80's movies would have been totally understandable. :) I hope this week goes so much better and that you have a festive and amazing Christmas!

  3. @Margie...I agree with the idea that things come in three's. Thanks so much for the sweet comments and I am looking forward to a wonderful 2011 with all my new friends here in the blog-o-sphere.

    @Jenn...I think that there is very few things that a bad 80's movie can't fix. I think I must have watched CryBaby at least twice. I love me some early Johnny Depp:)

  4. Angela, I relate! Except I don't even think I have good excuses like you do. ;-) Wishing you some happy, stress-free moments this weekend. (And I think the movies sound like a really good idea...)


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