Friday, October 29, 2010

Movie Poster Love

Here are a few facts about me: I love a good horror movie, I love graphic design and I love movie posters.

Moxy Creative House recently redesigned 10 movie posters that are available for purchase. My horror movie nerd self was immediately drawn to their interpretation of The Shining, of course. If scary movies aren't your thing they also covered Top Gun, Dumb and Dumber ( hilarious) and Wall Street among others.

P.S. Those twins still give me the heebie jeebie's. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Apples Apples Everywhere

A couple weekends ago we had a break in the rain and decided to head over to Julian to do some old fashioned apple picking.  I had never been to Julian or picked apples so it was a new experience all the way round. There really is a difference in fruit fresh off a tree vs. what you can get at the local grocery store chain.

Hope everyone is ready for a great week!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Diary and A Dress

I am a sucker for a great book and or book cover and a great dress. In my honest opinion I probably have too many of one and not enough of the other. I thought it would be fun to find a dress inspired by a book cover so taa-daa.

To Kill A Mockingbird was the first serious book I remember reading in 9th grade English and it has been a favorite ever since.  If your not familiar with the book or you need a quick review check out this one over at Spiral Style. It was featured as the Latest Book Club Selection and she gives a great synopsis as well as a couple other options if you would like to join in on the 50th Anniversary Celebration of this classic by Harper Lee.

Dress: Anthropologie Mullany Dress
Diary: To Kill A Mockingbird

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It must be fall.

I am officially in the mood for fall, which has always been one of my favorite seasons. I can always tell when the holidays are near because I begin to have the urge to bake, craft, and use lots of glitter. We have been waiting for the rain to subside so that we can decorate for Halloween, I guess that's what I get for putting it off last week. Punky's costume is nearly complete we only have a few more accessories to make and that is on the list for this weekend.

I am finally get the hang of the new Mac and I am officially in love with it. I can't get over the fact that I don't have nine thousand cords to trip over and try to wrangle into some sort of neat configuration. I wonder if the Mac people are a little OCD as well?!?! Everything is slowly moving over and getting organized which makes my heart sing because that means I will be back to posting like normal again, HOORAY!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

About time.

Hi everyone!! Sorry for the lack of posting but I seem to be the victim of Murphy's Law lately. You know the old idea that if things can go wrong then they will.

In the past week I have had a sick Punky at home who was generous enough to share the love with me, a husband who is in the midst of a crazy work schedule, a few deadlines of my own and a computer who finally broke up with me and trust me when I tell you it was a ugly break up.

But the sun is peeking through, things are returning to normal and our new computer arrived last night. We are officially a Mac household and I am so excited!! Although I must admit I was slightly disappointed that Justin Long did not appear out of the box with some witty banter about how much easier my life was going to be now that we converted.

I should be back to normal posting schedule soon and much love to everyone who has stuck around through the unforeseen silence.

I found the above print on Etsy and it is now on my ever growing must buy list.  It is a great example of how something can feel both retro and modern at the same time. Doesn't it reminds you of a vintage surf logo? Check it out for yourself over at LollieLandDelights.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rainy day fun.

A fun new polyvore set to go along with the rainy weather we are currently in the midst of. I wish I would have purchased this top last spring when I first saw it,  but I kept questioning if I was too old to wear a cupcake sweater, hmmm.

1.) American Eagle Skinny Jeans
2.) Top Shop Knitted Cupcake Jumper
3.) Faliero Sarti Fringed Scarf
4.) Kate Spade Bangle Bracelet
5.) Current Starbucks fave...Pumpkin spice latte. YUMMY!!
6.) Hunter Women's Rain Boots
7.) Rebecca Minkoff Nikki

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Pancakes.

OK so I know that is not exactly how the story goes but it sounds pretty good to me. Currently we are experiencing some extreme weather changes here in my neck of the woods. You may recall this time last week I was dreaming of wearing this and now it is cold and rainy and I am thinking maybe I should have unpacked my sweaters.

I don't know about you but chilly weather makes me want to head into the kitchen and cook up treats. I was thinking we should have something super fun and cozy for dinner, something like PANCAKES, who doesn't love breakfast for dinner, right?! So I headed over to Google to see if I could find a new recipe that looked yummy and exciting to try and look what I found...

Eek!! How awesome are these? Jim is a dad "just trying to make some cool pancakes for his daughter", or so he says, but I think these are much more than just some cool pancakes. I am now left with some serious pancake envy and my once awesome purse shape pancake mold from Williams Sonoma looks a bit sad.

And just in case you feel truly inspired and want to try out some pancake art of your own he has some great how to videos over on you tube, the one below is for the turtle shaped pancake. Or you can check him out at Jim's Pancakes.

Images courtesy of Jim's Pancakes.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday at the movies

Hi everyone I am back with another great movie palette that I hope you will enjoy. This weekend I watched Barefoot in the Park starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. This movie was released in 1967 and was filmed in New York.

The set design itself is very minimal as the story centers on a newlywed couple who are moving into their first apartment, however the outdoor locations that were shot around New York are lovely, including of course Central Park.

Redford's conservative character, Paul, can be seen wearing lots of blues and greys while Fonda's free spirited Corrie is often in brighter golds, oranges and a great pink dress that I am in love with. I also really like the grey color of the walls that can be seen in their apartment, we are currently trying to find the perfect grey for our bedroom and it is a process.

OK time to head into the trenches and get ready for another week, see you all later.

Movie stills courtesy of Barefoot In The Park
Pigeon courtesy of Kate Spade via Polyvore
Spiral bound notebook courtesy of yours truly

Friday, October 1, 2010

Introducing Phoebe...

Hi everyone, hope you had a wonderful past few days and are ready to enjoy the weekend. I have been having some computer problems the past few days which can I just tell you is no fun and I have missed you all, but no worries cause I'm back!!

I thought maybe you all would like to start the weekend off with a picture of my very sweet, but very mischievous pup Phoebe.
We rescued Phoebe a couple years ago from a local shelter and she has been a member of the family ever since. She is always there when you need a cuddle or perhaps share a turkey sandwich.  Also the fact that she somewhat resembles a muppet,  in particular Fozzie Bear, makes it very hard to resist the urge to squeeze her whenever possible. Don't forget to give your pet an extra squeeze this weekend and if you are in need of one you can come by and love on mine.

Waka Waka Waka.  

I created the award ribbon decal from this lovely tutorial over at Pugly Pixel Blog. I created the heart in illustrator and added my own title using Learning Curve Dash font.

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