Monday, October 4, 2010

Cloudy with a Chance of Pancakes.

OK so I know that is not exactly how the story goes but it sounds pretty good to me. Currently we are experiencing some extreme weather changes here in my neck of the woods. You may recall this time last week I was dreaming of wearing this and now it is cold and rainy and I am thinking maybe I should have unpacked my sweaters.

I don't know about you but chilly weather makes me want to head into the kitchen and cook up treats. I was thinking we should have something super fun and cozy for dinner, something like PANCAKES, who doesn't love breakfast for dinner, right?! So I headed over to Google to see if I could find a new recipe that looked yummy and exciting to try and look what I found...

Eek!! How awesome are these? Jim is a dad "just trying to make some cool pancakes for his daughter", or so he says, but I think these are much more than just some cool pancakes. I am now left with some serious pancake envy and my once awesome purse shape pancake mold from Williams Sonoma looks a bit sad.

And just in case you feel truly inspired and want to try out some pancake art of your own he has some great how to videos over on you tube, the one below is for the turtle shaped pancake. Or you can check him out at Jim's Pancakes.

Images courtesy of Jim's Pancakes.


  1. They are cute. I had a pancake moment on Saturday morning. favorite. Hadn't indulged in the guilty pleasure for months.

  2. Good grief! Now that is taking pancake making to a whole other level! Quite cute. So how did you do?


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