Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In the midst of a heat wave...

An outfit inspired by the heat wave we are currently experiencing in sunny southern California..

1. J.Crew - Silk Chiffon Taryn Dress
2. Kate Spade - Folley Beach Bag
3. Kate Spade - Metropolitan Pearls Bracelet
4. Alkemie + Sea Turtle Ring
5. J. Crew - Leather Capri Sandals

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day filled with a cool breeze and ice tea!!!

P.S. I would like to thank Margie over at Latebloomerbuds for being so sweet and allowing me to grace her lovely blog in her column featuring new bloggers. She made me feel just like this...

Thanks Margie, you're the best!! XOXO


  1. Just popped over from Latebloomerbuds's blog. Great photos. charmaine

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love the colors you chose for this too =)

  3. @ Charmaine...Thanks for stopping in hope to see you again soon:)

    @Violet... Thank you, I think I may have a new addiction to Polyvore,hehehe.

  4. Hi Angela. Deborah from Spiral Style and BYW. You did a fabulous job with your Polyvore. I'm really impressed with the layout and border. I may steal some of your tricks!

  5. That dress is so cute -- and I love the way you've styled it! This definitely makes me feel better about the weather. I've been looking longingly at my sweaters, when I should just embrace it and go to the beach!

  6. @ Deborah...Thanks for coming by and the lovley compliment. I created the set in Polyvore and then created the border and text in Photoshop. So glad you liked it, can't wait to see what your next set will look like!!

    @Kelly...Thanks so much. I feel your pain, I have been eyeing boots for the past few weeks, maybe we could just turn up the AC and pretend,hehe.

  7. Looks like the heatwave inspired a very pretty outfit indeed!

  8. OMG Woman, now you even have numbers! Jeez louise, you are going to town. Looks fab! Love the outfit too! Hugs, Margie

  9. Good grief, I was so overwhelmed by your posting style, I forgot to say how cute the little spot at the bottom with the Sally Field pic is. Now I feel like that! M

  10. Some beautiful selections there - its starting to warm up here in Sydney although today is a little chilly - im SO looking forward to Summer and new summer clothes!

  11. Love the Polyvore display. Totally cute, I want it all!

    ~ From your neighbor here in North County
    Elizabeth :)

  12. @ Merissa...Thank you, although with the way the weather is changing here in SoCal I may need to add some rain boots to this set.

    @latebloomerbuds...Thanks Margie, your the best :)

    @Anastasia...Lucky girl, we had such a mild summer here that I didn't need to splurge on any new summer outfits, hopefully there will be some cute boots and sweaters in my future,

    @Elizabeth...Thanks, me too. Perhaps we should head on down to Fashion Valley for a BYW shopping trip, hehehe.

  13. Wish I was in S California to enjoy the heat wave :) Totally love your product display - really beautiful.

  14. @Joanne...well the heat wave only lasted a few days and now we are getting rain, go figure. Thanks for stopping to say hello!!


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