Thursday, September 16, 2010

My very own Punky.

I am fairly certain that I have my very own Punky Brewster, you remember her right?!?! She was the spunky, headstrong, fearless girl, who dressed in  her own mismatched colorful and unique way on that show from the 80's. I wanted to be her friend when I was little, dress like her, be brave and funny like her.

Well I got the next best thing I get to be Punky's mom!! My Punky is everything that I thought was so cool about the original Punky, including the unique fashion, and when I say unique I mean UNIQUE.

As she has grown and become her own person with her own ideas of what looks good together I have had to bite my tongue and allow her to express herself, and it is hard with a capital H. Often times she comes down the stairs in her latest colorful and mismatched outfit and I want so badly to send her back upstairs to change and maybe remove some of the 50 rainbow rubber bands she likes to wear as bracelets, but I don't because I get it, I grew up in the 90's you know the decade that brought us 3 pairs of socks, LA Gear high tops, and acid wash jeans. Plus she wears a uniform all day so she should be allowed to express herself creatively while at home.

This brings us to the shoes that she is wearing in the photo and just received, my lovely cousin, Mrs. B wanted to get Punky something that she could make herself and so they sat down and Punky was able to design her very own converse. There were many versions, and I admit I cringed at many of them and I may have tried to persuade her a tiny bit, but in the end she ended up with a pair of shoes that are uniquely her. They are multi cheetah print, with a purple tongue, and a second lady bug tongue, they have red and black X's and O's lining the inside and her name stitched in green along the back. She loves them and truth be told I can't help but smile when I see her wearing them with such pride.

And just in case you want to channel your own inner Punky and design your own converse, remember don't be afraid to use a lot of color.


  1. I love those shoes! And yes, Punky Brewster was pretty amazing. I love the way the light hits the balloons and the angle of her feet, such a great pic. I feel like I just caught a glimpse of her spunky personality. :)

  2. It was such a pleasure giving my cousin Ryane a birthday gift that she could create and make her own. She had a great time creating them and I had a wonderful time sitting by her side and watching her creativity flow. As you described her, she is truly our own spunky Punky Brewster. Love her!

  3. she was so proud to show them off! walking back to your house, even though i felt like crawling under the covers, your daughter gives off the energy of three suns and makes me want to skip along with her. she's amazing and so loving, and is always there to give hugs when i need them most. thanks for sharing your punky with us.


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