Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today we headed out to Angels Stadium to take in Kid Appreciation Day. Although I have two exams this week to study for, laundry to catch up on and the general Sunday to do list I decided to chuck all that responsibility and spend some quality time with my husband and lovely daughter. I will be paying for it tonight but I wouldn't have missed today for anything.

What I really enjoy about this particular ballpark is that it is clean, family friendly and relatively affordable. They also have great food selections with everything from old fashioned hot dogs and peanuts, to Ruby's Diner and CPK.

Bonus: After the game they let kids 12 and under run the bases!!! It was the first time I have ever been onto any type of professional sports field and I couldn't get over what a cool opportunity it was to walk out and see all the kids run around the bases with huge smiles on their faces.

Photo property of/taken by Angela Quintanar. Taken on the field behind home plate at Angels Stadium.


  1. Melissa Perry-Davis9/12/2010 8:54 PM

    Love the new look Ang!!!

  2. It sounds like you had a great day with you family.

    Good for you...cherish those times....

  3. @ Melissa... Thanks, it still has a looong way to go, but at least it is a start :)

  4. Hi Angela,
    Merissa here over from BYW. It must've been a fun day and so cute to see the children run the bases (^•^) My husband is an Angel's fan and keeps up with the games on ESPN. When we head to Anaheim on our next trip to Cali, we will go and watch a game. My aunt lives in Garden Grove and the last time I was there I could hear the fireworks from Angel Stadium in the evening. We don't have professional baseball in Hawaii, so lucky you! Go Angels!

  5. Hi Merissa,
    Thanks so much for stopping by :) It is a definite stop especially if your hubby is an Angels fan. Hawaii, lucky you, that is one of our favorite places ever. Hope to see you again soon.


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