Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Library Love.

Library Love 9/365, originally uploaded by Angela Q..

I decided to head over to the library between classes this afternoon to pick up my holds and renew our latest finds. As a family of book lovers we are constantly adding to our ever growing collection, but like most people, space inevitably becomes an issue so we head over to the library to get our new book fix. 

My current library list includes:

This book follows Kingsolver and her family as they move from Arizona to a farm where they produce and eat only locally grown food. It is part narrative part a scientific look at how our food has changed over the past generation. It also indulges my idea of chucking it all and moving to a farm.

This is the book that inspired Sofia Coppola's movie of the same name. fascinating stuff if you enjoy historical bio's and tragic figures, which I do.

I had to include a cookbook, right?!?! This is actually so good I bought it. The recipes are relatively simple and family friendly. I will definitely be taking some photos of the yummy stuff we are cooking up and include the recipes for you all.

Now it is time to share some library love and let me know what is on your checkout list?


  1. Ooh! Will have to check out that Flat Belly Diet cookbook! I need to make a point of checking more cookbooks out.

    I did read the Antonia Fraser book and loved it. My husband's mom works in circulation at our local library so she is always reserving things for us.

  2. I highly recommend the Flat Belly Family CookBook, most of the recipes are pretty simple to follow and don't take to much time, which is always a plus, I plan on sharing a couple over the next couple weeks for my photo a day.

    I feel like cookbooks is one of the things I am always checking out at the library. I have become fast friends with the librarian, lucky for you having one in the family.

  3. This my dear is why I love you. Even though I have sad shoes and can't really put clothes together properly, we share the love of books. All shapes and sizes, age and subject, I love books. I love how they smell too. Have you ever opened a new textbook and stuck your nose inside? HEAVEN. I MUST start reading for fun again... maybe once school is done.

    P.S. I also love you because you have yet to disown me for being the obnoxious neighbor. That earns you sainthood.

  4. I'm a library lover too. Thanks for the recommendations!

  5. @ Kelly, no problem. I actually have a few sewing books reserved now as I was so inspired by all the great tutorials you have listed on your site.

  6. I'm not sure how I missed this post! Great one. I am afraid I don't frequent the library, but love them just the same as I do books! It is wonderful hearing about more and more people visiting their local libraries! XO, Margie


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