Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Planting Project.

After picking up the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens I felt inspired to take on a small backyard clean up over the next few weeks to see if I could turn it into an area that we all look forward to spending time in. Currently I avoid it at all costs since it has become a storage area for surfboards, wetsuits and all the other equipment that we have accumulated since our daughter began surfing this summer.

I do have a few challenges to overcome:

1.We are busy, like most people, so maintaining a somewhat nice outdoor area falls very low on the to do

2.We have the worlds messiest dogs. Don't get me wrong I love them to death but well behaved they are

3. We are renters with a small town home backyard in Southern California which translates to not much
    room and very little we can change, therefore we do not want to spend a lot of money on a space that    
    we will eventually have to leave.

My solution is to try a container garden to add some life as well as a general clean up and organization of the entire area. Today felt like a good day to begin and I was feeling inspired so I headed to our local nursery, magazine in hand, with the goal of picking up some hardy yet pretty plants that hopefully my two beasts would not turn into their evening salad. Thirty minutes later, after a short detour through the fruit trees and gorgeous Japanese maples, I left with 3 plants, some potting soil and a medium sized terracotta container.

I will be posting weekly updates on our backyard clean up as well as adding a new container every week. Stay tuned and if you have any planting tips, container gardening ideas, or general advice on how to keep your dogs from eating your plants please share!!!

The plants from top to bottom are: Soft Rush, Coleus Kong Rose and Island Brocade Sedge

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