Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Paper, Paper Everywhere

I am a organizing freak - give me matching plastic containers and a label maker and I am one VERY happy girl. But there is one aspect of my life that does not fit neatly in a container, and it's the day to day. Between appointments, assignments, and the activities of a very busy 10 year old on most days my to do is a game of where did I write that down and where did I put it? My inner Martha Stewart silently weeps- I just know it.

Now dont think I am not a planner kind of girl- I love planners!!! They hold such promise of an organized year ahead of me and I collect them like I do sketchbooks. I fill them with lists and then put it down and hardly look at it again until I add more things with the intention of lugging it around with me. I am genuinely surprised that I make it to any of the items I am scheduled for, thank God for follow up phone calls.

So I need to find something that works and travels with me, my solution is to try I and go paperless this year. I am not sure how it will go for a girl who likes to write things down ( something about typing it just doesn't feel the same to me), but I have many apple products that play nicely with one another and a new calendar app that practically promised to make my life more streamlined and less cluttered.

How do all you beautiful people keep track of things? Any apps you can't live without?

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  1. I don't have much to keep track of these day my dear, but have always been a calendar on my desk type of gal. Forever and ever. As you say, there are oodles and oodles of cool mac stuff to keep you squared away and you can make it all graphically beautiful and cool. Margie


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