Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Designer Envy: Lulu de Kwiatkowski

I finally had a chance to flip through my favorite online publication: Lonny Magazine. Lonny quickly became my favorite interior mag after my beloved Domino had to close its doors, I still get weepy thinking about it.

Anyway back to the new issue of Lonny. I fell in LOVE with the home of textile designer Lulu de Kwiatkowski. I mean seriously look at how fab and light this home feels.

The colors, furniture and personality come through perfectly and I am now convinced that we could pull off a white couch, my husband is still not on board with the idea. We have an ongoing couch battle in our home at the moment as anyone who comes over knows, but I am of the mind set that slow and steady wins the race and his resistance is weakening. It has only taken 2 years.

I think that her philosophy is spot on and her tips for unleashing your inner creativity are now printed and hanging up in my home office. I have already found myself practicing her idea of doodling more, I hope to share these with you as soon as I can figure out why the heck my scanner does not want to be friends with Oliver (yes that is the name of our Mac and yes I believe in naming your electronics).

Images courtesy of Lonny Magazine


  1. Lulu's home is beautiful! Love all that light and the pretty colors that are around her house. And yes, her white couches are so nice. Maybe you can look for a white with fabric that's stain resistant or easy to care for? That has got to exist somewhere. Or try out white with slip covers first?
    Haha, Oliver is such a fancy name for your Mac, cute! (^•^)

  2. I loooooved domino. I'm was so happy to hear of this Lonny mag! Can't wait to check it out. And, sorry, I'm with white couch. It looks great but will get too dirty too fast. But hey, that's just my opinion

  3. I said it before and I'll say it crack me up! Margie


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