Monday, April 4, 2011

Oh Yeah That Project.

The other day I was reading my profile info and I remembered how this blog found its humble beginning, my 365 photo project. So I have not exactly been taking a picture everyday but I have been taking a couple a week (mostly) BUT I am committing to you all here and now that I am ready to hit the ground running and I have slowly begun to clear the photos off my trusty iPhone to make room for new pics. There are a few favorites that I have not shared here and I will post them over the next few weeks as well as do a weekly wrap up of my project. This is Punky in her home away from home, the ocean, she has reminded me numerous times that the water is almost warm enough for her to begin surfing again. No surfing in the winter, but it is not winter any longer.

Also I am proud to announce that I finished my list of 11 for March, hooray for me!! I will post my list for April in a few days.


  1. Alrighty Angela! I will be thrilled to see your photographic talents as I don't think you have posted many since I started following your blog. This is a beaut! You surely caught the moment. Yay, for finishing your list too! Xo

  2. GREAT photo. Please share more!


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