Monday, March 7, 2011

11 Things To Do In March.

Continuing on my 11 things to do a month here is my list for March. January - check, February- wait did we have February? When I was creating this list I realized I never bake outside of the Christmas season so I should bake some cookies just for the heck of it. My living room lacks any sort of color or personality, I have the hardest time trying to put rooms together, I know what I like just never know how to get it. I still need to mail out school picks from months ago, ugh! I also thought I would try and banish a couple bad habits - saving everything onto my desktop, both at work and at home, and my minor addiction to Diet Coke, Z tells me constantly how terrible it is for me and my joke that I am saving him on embalming costs doesn't seem to be as funny to him as it was 4 years ago. It could be a long month.

How about you all any fun things to cross off your list this month?


  1. Oh Angela, I am trying to cut out the Diet Coke too. So difficult!

  2. Number one on my list is organize my taxes.


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