Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Women We Love: Elizabeth Taylor

I created this image to share with you earlier in the week. I typically try and plan out my posts, I'm a planner which I am sure many of you could guess. I was not sure if I should post as planned or not, but in the end I think it is a beautiful image of an amazing woman. I believe the image was taken during the shooting of Cleopatra.

The full quote is: "I'm a survivor. A living example of what people can go through and survive."


  1. Just consider it a lovely tribute my friend.

  2. Angela,

    Rue is great! The best things about it is that it's free & convienient. Liz lived a long, beautiful life. I only hope I look half as good as she did at her age. Have a great weekend!

    [ keep calm & blog on ]


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