Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why Pick One?


Confession: I have a minor obsession with chairs. I desperately want an Eames (or a whole room full of them). The problem I am running into is which color do I want - yellow, red, turquoise, white?!?!?
So when I saw the above watercolor on the Lonny Blog painted by AMAZING illustrator Caitlin McGauley I though why have I never considered pink. (Yes I know in her piece the chair is white, but the background is pink and well my thought process confuses even me sometimes) Z is not buying a pink chair for the office bit so I will continue to obsess about the perfect color and share my dreams of a pink chair here with you all.


  1. Well, what about white with pink accessories around it? Works for you AND Z. Xo

  2. i'm so with you on that one lades, we have a "mock" eames - i know you're shuddering right about now but i had to do it. the price point rocked and it does really look like the original oracle of a chair. the pink it a beaut!!!! maybe with a masculine throw or pillow he could be convinced? ♥

  3. Ok, I agree with Margie - you just need to pile a lot of pink around your white chair and then with your special thought process, the chair will be pink (to you). No?


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