Monday, March 28, 2011

Airstream for 3, Please.

I am already thinking about summer vacations and long weekends away when this campaign for Airstream sent me into full on wishful thinking mode.

 Lenlee Represents asked four of her photographers to shoot a campaign for Airstream using their own unique style. While each campaign is beautifully done the work of Wendi Nordeck made me long to hit the open road and embrace a gypsy lifestyle, if only for a short time. Delicious food, cold drinks and cool breezes all sound like perfection to me.

The companion printed pieces, which I believe are letter pressed, were created by Ian Nordeck. Pretty awesome, right?

Now if I could only convince Z that we need/ have to have one of these beauties so all our summer wishes will come true.

If you would like to join me on my Airstream day dream check out the entire series here.


  1. I've always wanted to tool around the country in one of those campers. Do they still make them?! Some of those in the pics look brand new.

  2. I must say it looks quite inviting. Go for it Angela!!! XO

  3. I LOVE airstreams! Sadly, Chris can't actually stand up in one (sad!), so that's a dream I'll never realize :). This campaign is so awesome.

  4. @ Frau S...Yes they still make them although I do believe they are a small fortune. you can see the newer ones here

    @Margie...Just the encouragement I need, hehehe.

    @Jenn...I didn't think that someone wouldn't be able to stand up in it, at 5'2" height has never been my problem!! Z is 6' so he can just make it, nothing stopping us now. Well maybe.

  5. That would be soooooo much fun for a summer.


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