Monday, August 29, 2011

And It Went A Little Like This

My weekend was sadly not spent being fancy like I had hoped, but it was productive - so still a win in my book.

It went like this...

I am taking an illustration class this semester, which may sound like a blast, but drawing is really hard for me and I have a hard time being able to turn off my brain and just sort of let go (I told you I have some perfectionist issues). I am hoping to conquer that this semester and learn to enjoy the process of drawing rather then be so critical of myself. I have been looking at lots of different illustrators lately, so I am sure I will end up sharing my favs as I navigate through this course.  I ended up being OK with my dog ear (if you were wondering what it was that you are looking at) the rest of the dog well he could use a bit more work.

I also got to draw letters, which was very fun. Give me a ruler and a grid any day, it makes me happy. The assignment was to draw 100 thumbnails of the letter of our last name. By the 75th Q, ideas were short, but it was a good way to push yourself creatively.

And of course we had to get all packed up for 5th grade. Out with the chipped blue glitter nail polish - in with the very strict school dress code.

So was your weekend fancy, productive, or both?


  1. Glad you told us it was a dog ear as I was struggling at first, LOL! However, once you said so, I have to say it is a great dog ear. A cool beans lettering assignment too. We all have to remember to work outside our comfort zone when being creative. I am reminding myself as I start my art class in two weeks! Can't wait to see more A! Xo

  2. Your assignment sounds grueling.

  3. @Margie... Art class, oooh what kind?!? I LOVE design and laying things out, but drawing is not my thing and it gives me anxiety. So I am going to try and see the positive and maybe it will pay off in other areas.

    @Deborah... It was a grueling assignment, by the 85th Q ideas were running short.


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