Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shark Week & I

2 things that don't mix.

Punky loves the ocean, it is were she has always felt at home. She started surfing last summer and she took to it quick and her love of the water only grew - I am convinced she must be part mermaid. You know what else she loves about the ocean - SHARKS. She has always had a fascination with them and nothing makes her happier than Shark Week on Discovery. 

I will just be here chewing off my fingernails - don't worry about me.

Yea and how scary is that picture - eeeek!!


  1. Jeez Louise are you kidding me?! Erase, erase, erase that image from your mind

  2. Ha! I still don't understand why my parents thought it was ok for us to watch all of those Jaws movies when we were little. Scarred for life.


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