Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pink Trees

Apparently my tradition of getting sick at the end of summer has decided to continue, ugh. I have been battling a nasty chest cold the past week or so and it seems to have hit the entire Q household, doesn't get more fun than that right? The funny thing is we are in the midst of trying to revamp our eating habits and incorporating more whole foods and less packaged foods, silly me thought this would boost my immune system, or maybe I have sent my system into such a state of shock this is its way of rebelling.

I am trying to step away from the computer a bit and find sources of inspiration elsewhere these days, like those trees. They are my favorite things in the world and they are in full bloom at every turn. That shade of pink combined with the green, how could you not smile and feel inspired?


  1. Hope you start feeling better soon! I have heard that when you change your eating habits, sometimes its gets worse, before it gets better. It's worth it in the long run though :).

    And, that tree is AMAZING!

  2. Go Angela! Start using your camera more. Nothing netter than nature to inspire. Feel better soon.

  3. wow, that tree is phenomenal! boo to the sick invasion though, hope you're feeling top drawer again soon Angela. it sucks to be feeling that way especially when you're trying to clean up the insides but it can cause a certain initial havoc till your system realizes....oh hai, i'm getting the good stuff now! best be treating this little lady better too : )

    happy weekend! ♥


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