Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Feeling A Little Like

There is finally a little bit of a chill here in Sunny Southern California. I had to break out my sweater yesterday and I even kept it on all day - although I still could wear flip flops no problem. 

Fall is my favorite season - boots, sweaters, hot cider, and wool socks. It is one of the things I miss about Colorado and even though we have been in California for 14 years now I still look forward to that crisp smell of the air as the seasons begin to change. I don't see those seasons change much around here (and I am not complaining) but Fall will always have a spot in my heart and I can admire you from afar.

Happy Friday Friends!!

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  1. Fall is my favorite too! They told us there was a possibility of snow this morning but instead it is the sunniest, most beautiful fall day.

  2. Glad you are venturing into sweater weather. Feels soooo good. Xo, Margie

  3. Happy Friday to you too. Had our first "killing" frost this morning. REALLY feels like fall here.


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