Monday, October 10, 2011


Our living room is coming together and it has only taken me four years of going round and round trying to find what I feel is a perfect. We are finally moving in the right direction and so I am slowly putting things together and making little purchases here and there. I hate spending money and truth be told I am not sure when that happened. I use to be a spender, money would come in and it would go right back out, but now I think about every purchase. I try and get things on sale and if we do splurge it is something that we save for. Some may call me cheap but I prefer thrifty.

Anywho I was looking at rugs and I came across these pretty things on Loom. They are over dyed vintage  rugs and they probably cost way too much for this girl to afford but I like the look and feel of it so I will add them to my inspiration board and keep dreaming. The color of the second one is a pretty close match to the upholstery we are using for the chairs Z is recovering, oh and I finally purchased this Crate and Barrel pillow (on sale). 

Progress people, progress. 


  1. Did you ever find a chair? New or "pre-owned" and recovered. I'm going through what you are doing but I have the art and rugs and decided to recover 2 love seats that were fine but faded and bought a new chair (on sale of course) Kills me to spend the money too.

  2. We purchased two pre-owned chairs in amazing shape and decided to recover them ourselves. I think it is the better way to go in the long run because then it is unique and has personality all its own.

  3. Those rugs are gorgeous. I bet if you search long enough at estate sales and on craigslist you can find something similar!

  4. Real Estate Sales and Craigslist - now you are talking my language!! I never even thought to look there.


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