Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Looking Back

Sometimes you have to take a look back to find some style inspiration. I have always loved the stacked jewelry look, I owe that to growing up in the 80's and 90's where we stacked everything including socks. I fondly remember meticulously matching every color of sock that I had in my Jordan Knight NKOTB t-shirt and then happily putting on all 5 pairs of them and then squeezing into my LA Gears which had at least two pairs of laces, please don't judge me. 

Anyway I never noticed Princess Diana is wearing two watches in this image. It pretty much made my day and I am positive I will be trying this look out real soon.

Are you into the stacked look too?


  1. Give it a go! I love wearing several bracelets together or a watch with bracelets. Haven't worn two watches though, but if Princess Diana wore them...

  2. Indid in the 80s as a kid, but I could see it as a sentimental piece. Perhaps the watch of a loved one, or set on a different time zone where a loved one lives.

  3. @Elle Sees... Exactly what I was thinking as well I have a watch that belonged to my grandfather that he wore in WW2 and it means the world to me.

  4. i call that magpie! i've gone through various magpie periods in my life...bracelets, rings, ear rings...

  5. I have an old watch that belonged to my mother that no longer works. I've tried many times to have it repaired so short of sending it to Switzerland, I feared just having it as a keepsake was all I could do. I never thought of wearing it as jewelry. Thanks for the idea!


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