Friday, November 4, 2011

Sweet Dreams

My bedroom is not a room that I love. Other than the fact that it is a size of a shoe box, and I mean that literally. It just doesn't get much love. I wish it looked a little like this...

That headboard HAS to be mine because well (a) that color is making me all giddy and (b) doesn't it look like a perfect place to rest against while reading? I am also pretty keen on the bedding and I'm not even a bed maker.

So I will be dreaming of how I wish this was my bedroom this weekend and also wishing I had somewhere to wear these cute Kate Spade gloves. Then I could justify buying them and then using them to quote myself.

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  1. I love that bedroom. The colors are just so amazing.

  2. You're a trip! Cute mittens! Xo Margie

  3. I absolutely love everything about that bedroom. I want it! xo Kelley


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