Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-Day!

Image courtesy of: Life
Happy Heart Day to all you wonderful people!! I know people either LOVE or HATE this day, but I always think any day you can spread a little extra love around is a good thing. Z and I decided to celebrate this weekend and since it was "date night" anyway we thought we do it up fancy. We headed down to the Gaslamp and dined at the Palms Restaurant, I may or may not have devoured way too much cheesecake, then headed to see the San Diego Ballet Company perform Romeo and Juliet, and still managed to be home by 11. Every time we think we may make it a late night we are home no later than 11. Oh well being a homebody isn't so bad. Tonight we decided to make Punky her favorite dinner (pasta of course) and have some yummy chocolate cake.

Are you all planning something fun this evening?

I made Z this valentine and sent it off to him via email this morning just to say "Hi, I like you lots!", then I realized I may be doing too much math homework since apparently Venn Diagrams are showing up in my Valentine design.


  1. You are a trip and I love you for it! Happy V Day chickie!

  2. What a romantic evening you had. Pasta night with Punky sounds good too. Hubby and I had pasta tonight and a decadent chocolate dessert. Saturday night will be out big dinner out. I got a Groupon for "the most romantic restaurant" in they say.


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