Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Watch Me.

I have recently been on a bit of a short film kick lately and I wanted to share two of my recent favorites with you. I can't keep from watching them over and over and well you get the point.

First up is a short film that was produced for Kate Spade by King Burza. I am a huge Kate Spade fan and this film only increases my admiration for the brand. They are always spot on (in my opinion) with their copy, design and styling. Bonus: I would love to have those rings she is wearing in this film.

The second short film was made for the EF Language School. They produced one for London, Paris, Bejing and Barcelona. I love the use of type throughout. It also makes me want to pack my bags and hop on a plane. We were suppose to head over to London last year, but our flight was canceled due to the volcano that was going off and shut down most European travel last spring - true story. Maybe this year will be my year to head across the pond.

Here is a pic I snapped last year at the airport, it quickly became one of my favorites simply because our original flight to London was listed directly above our new flight to Hawaii. When life hands you lemons, go to Hawaii!


  1. Great post. Loved the "shorts". Yes, lemonade indeed!

  2. Great pic! I will watch the films when I am on my desk top. Margie


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