Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nice Space.

Image : Joe Schmelzer
I am in love with this kitchen. The natural light, those turquoise pendant lamps, the pop of yellow, and how clean and uncluttered it all looks. I have a bit of kitchen envy truth be told. This picture also made me want to add a fun polka-dot border just because it made me so darn happy. 

This blogging journey has been great in allowing me to find out what I am drawn to and to begin to develop my own design style and voice. I find myself drawn to really simple design and I have noticed with my own work that I tend to want to keep things very minimal and clean, but I do like to play around with color and pattern. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but that is part of the process, right? What design elements to you all find yourself drawn to?


  1. Living here in gray Michigan, I am so drawn in by the natural light in that kitchen. I think by blogging I have realized the need for color, in my house and in my clothing choices. Blogging has opened my eyes to being aware of new things in products, ideas, crafts, food, so that I have something to "report" and share in posts.

  2. okay i SO wanna move in....cute puppeh, aqua accents and space to actually spread your s%#t out! perf total. and love the polka-dot border addition, nice touch!

    i absolutely know what you mean about blogging being a source for insp, constantly getting vibes from things...just like THIS. and then incorporate some form on my bloggy too. genius finds out there, thank goodness for internet truly. happy week to you doll. ♥

    pea ess: loved your valentine to z!!!! so cute lades.

  3. Angela, if you end up with a kitchen like this, I'll come over and clean it for you. Just so, you know, I can pretend it's mine for a little while. This is probably not what I would pick on my own, but I love the light and high ceilings.

  4. I wish I could have a kitchen like this someday! The lovely light, the large countertop, lots of cabinets, the stove, the fridge, the cute dog...lucky family! I can totally picture myself baking, drinking coffee there, on the seat doing paper work...hehe. Beautiful!


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