Monday, May 30, 2011

See A Penny...

One of the many reasons I love Pinterest is because you can see a ton a wonderful ideas without spending a bazillion hours searching the web, like this super cool penny floor. The folks over at Revolver installed about 340,000 pennies by hand, talk about some tedious labor, but man does it look cool. It is things like this that make me want to become a home owner. I can imagine this as the floor in a small bathroom, or even a kitchen. However I soon realize that being a home owner comes with tons of other stuff and so I write out another rent check and go along my merry little way. 

P.S. I have to wonder if this floor smells funny, like a jar of loose change.

1 comment:

  1. You find such cool things. I would also wonder about the smell and if exposed to water or dampness I think they will rust, change color and get grotty. Probably some kind of special sealer to use of them though. Hmmm.


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