Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Stories.

In high school I had a history teacher my junior year who would start off every Monday by asking if anyone had weekend stories to share, random piece of information I know but I thought I would share my weekend story with you all. Punky was away at camp all weekend so it was just Z and I. After we dropped Punky off we decided to be adventurous and head on down to the San Diego Fair for some grub. It was jammed full of teenagers and fried food (do these two things go hand in hand?), we looked at the adventurous items like deep fried Snickers (just reading those signs makes my arteries cringe) and settled on something a little more friendly to a couple of 30 year olds. I will say we did have some funnel cake, it was the fair after all. Saturday headed down to a Japanese market to grab some supplies for making our own sushi thanks to a fun little gadget we grabbed at the fair. The marketplace located in San Diego was incredible!! I did get my hands on Vogue Japan and although I have not one clue what any of it says, the pictures and layouts are eye candy for sure!! Sunday we went for a hike with Phoebe. Note: I tend to jump at every little sound convinced that a mountain lion is going to devour me for any given meal or that a rattlesnake is just waiting for someone to bite at every corner. Z finds this half amusing half ridiculous, but thats what you get when Mr. Outdoorsman marries Mrs. I Like To Stay Inside With Air Conditioning and Domesticated Animals. We ended our weekend by dining at the Flying Pig Pub and Restaurant in Oceanside. Cool fact not only is the food delish but their menus are in old album covers, I got Oklahoma.

Does anyone else have fun weekend stories to share?

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  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend and a great mix of fun things. Hubby and I stuck around home except for strawberry picking. New puppy keeps us on our toes.


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