Thursday, July 28, 2011


July 28, 2001 6:01 AM - Z and I started off on the crazy ride called parenthood.

"Punky" - you are an incredible person who has taught me more than I thought possible. You have allowed me to open up my heart, to trust in something outside of myself, and most importantly that the sound of your laughter is enough to fix anything. If I could wrap up the world in a perfect little package and give it to you I would in a heartbeat, however since that isn't possible I will walk beside you on this journey -  supporting your decisions, cheering on your accomplishments, and watching you experience all that life has to offer you.  

Happy Birthday!!!


  1. Happy birthday Punky. Angela, she is a beauty! Double digits!

  2. Aw, she is so cute! Happy Birthday punky! :)

  3. Lovely sentiments. Happy Birthday to a darling girl. May she have MANY more.

  4. A perfect 10 is what she is indeed! Happy Birthday Punky! Your wish to Punky is wonderful! You're lucky to have her and she is just as lucky to have you. Wish we were celebrating together! Lots of love from the B Clan in AZ.

  5. what a sweet, sweet little one you've been blessed with! happy birthday wishes throughout the whole weekend, i can only imagine the cakes and kiddos playing around your home. so fun!

    your writing is beautiful Angela, such a loving tribute to your darling orb angel! ♥


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