Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Orange Crush

My favorite color for the past couple of weeks is orange. I know it will change soon, but in the meantime  here are a few items on my orange wishlist.

(1) Jonathan Adler Love Pillow. (2)  Fauteuil Re-Trouve Emu - chair lust for sure!! (3) Forage Eames Bow Tie. (4) The always lovely Marilyn shot by George Barris. (5) Kate Spade Crystal Confection Ring. (6) Pumpkin Table Lamp. (7) Converse - a forever favorite in any color.


  1. Orange makes me happy ... such a fun color!

  2. @Jenn I think it may have been your great orange desk lamp that made this a new favorite color:)

  3. LOVE orange. The lamp is a great shade and shape. Marilyn is lovely and the pillow, outstanding.


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