Friday, July 22, 2011

The Lovely Lila

This week my cousin sent me a text asking if I had seen the blog Lila was Here, well I hadn't but I quickly looked it up and was pretty much blown away.

Lila and her everyday adventures are captured beautifully by her mom and photographer Andrea of Pink Sugar Photography. As someone who has tried and failed miserably at trying to take a photo everyday I am speechless at how beautiful each and every image is. The lighting, the cropping, the captions *sigh*. 

You know when you leave a site and feel inspired and rejuvenated - well that's how I felt. 

On another note we have a busy weekend planned - Punky is turning 10 next Thursday and her big gift (tickets to Selena Gomez) is happening on Sunday. The fact that this concert is happening on a Sunday and starting at 8:00 AT NIGHT, made me feel at little old because my first thought was "isn't that a little late for a Sunday night?". Wish me luck friends as I enter tweendom.

Oh yea - Happy Friday!!!

images taken by Andrea Hanki of Pink Sugar Photography


  1. Monica aka Cousin7/22/2011 3:46 PM

    I am glad you enjoyed the site as much as I did and that you were inspired. I am looking forward to seing how you document Punky's "decade" year.

  2. P.S. Tell Punky her super cool aunt/uncle should be the ones taking her to the "late night" concert because we'll be able to make it to and through intermission, unlike her parents.

  3. @Monica...I can always count on you to send me off in a creative direction!! Just wait till G is going to concerts, Punky will be able to take her, eek ;)

  4. Inspiring blog, Lila was here. Have fun at the concert. (try to stay awake!)

  5. The Divine Miss G is looking forward to the possibility that Punky will escort her to the upcoming toddler "concert".

  6. oh my gosh. what an amazing blog!! whata cutie. heading to check it out now.


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