Wednesday, July 27, 2011


People's signatures have always fascinated me, it is like a little piece of them that has moved and changed with them throughout the course of their life. Picasso's is pretty much a little piece of art in itself.

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  1. Oh yeah! You are such a design student, LOL!!!!

  2. haha, i've never seen that's awesome!

    when i was younger i always thought a signature had to be really cursive and complex but doing that with my never came naturally to me. now i want one of those really chic signatures where people write the first letter really big and then just do one big squigglish flourish!

  3. @ Margie...does it show ;)

    @ Patience...I love those type of signatures too. They look so flawless and lovely and take all of 3 seconds. If I tried it it would just look like a big ol' mess.


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