Monday, July 25, 2011


Good Morning friends!! This week is a special week in the Q household as Punky turns 10 on Thursday. I always get a little emotional during this week, but for some reason this feels like a big birthday to me. 

We went to the Selena Gomez concert last night and it was GREAT. We saw her before in a small venue in Arizona, but this had more of a concert feel and the crowd had definitely grown some. Our seats were perfect, there were some Disney Star sightings from the show Shake It Up (side note - I had no clue who they were) and that Bieber kid even showed up as a surprise at the end of the night. I am having a bit of ringing in my ears as I forgot how high pitched screaming can disturb one's hearing.

Here are a few iphone shots from the night. My old point and shoot is just that OLD. I think I may have to break down and buy a new one since it appears my iphone is better quality, but not having a zoom was disappointing. Any one have any suggestions?

The best part of the evening would have to be once we got home. When Z and I tucked in our favorite girl she looked up at us and said "Thanks for everything you do for me, I love you guys."

Source: I don't have one for the of Vivien Leigh, I have had it for a while. Sorry. 


  1. Almost happy birthday Punky! When my daughter was that age, I was experiencing the same thing only it was the boy bands, like Backstreet Boys AND Spice Grils. The Spice Girls were sooooo much fun. I still can sing their songs by heart!

  2. @Margie... I love the Spice Girls, I bet that was quite a show, lucky girl!!

  3. Very sweet. Oh, yeah, I went to two Backstreet Boys concerts with my daughters...and they were in college!

  4. I LOVE that beiber showed ... hahaha! I bet the crowd went cah-razy!

  5. have NO idea!!! The screaming, the tears - pure insanity.


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