Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello Stranger

Hello strangers!! Hope you all didn't miss me too much, well maybe just a teeny tiny bit, absence makes the heart grow fonder right? I do apologize for the brief lack of posts last week, I felt terrible not visiting with you all.  I started spring semester and I wanted to make sure that I had all my ducks in a row and had my plan of attack somewhat formulated so I can get back to the fun stuff here.  Also have you ever noticed that in 1 week there is so much to catch up on, my blog reading is way behind and I feel like I have missed out on tons of goodies. 

I love this picture I came across on the Life website. I highly recommend taking an afternoon and browsing through all the great images they have, so much fun and I even on occasion learn something, added bonus.

Image courtesy of Life.


  1. Welcome back. I missed you. Have a good semester.

  2. You were missed! Glad you are back. Great image. Hugs, Margie

  3. oh ya, that's a great photo, Life mag never fails to deliver the goods. i hope the weeks going alright lades, i totally understand about overload-ish feelings. i hope your semester has started off awesome. ♥


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