Friday, January 14, 2011

Hey Joni, What's Your Sign?

Images Via: Caroline in the City
All of this Zodiac sign changing  business that has been the talk of the town lately has allowed me to discover two very important things about myself. 

The first being that I am utterly confused by the entire thing. One article says your sign has changed, another says it only changes if you were born after a particular year, another says it only changes if you stand on your head every fourth full moon (OK I made that one up). I figure that I am glad I never have been one to follow horoscopes and that I have always identified with the Virgo sign so I think I will keep it. So take that Parke Kunkle

My second discovery is that I am kinda psychic. Just a few days ago (before all this hoopla started-see psychic I tell ya) I bookmarked these gorgeous images over at Caroline in the City that were shot for Vogue UK. Aren't they gorgeous? If you want to see the remaining signs head on over here and take a peek, they all are simply gorgeous, but these were my favorites.

Also since you know I like to start of the weekend with a song I thought I would share some classic Joni Mitchell, her talent never ceases to amaze me - Enjoy!!


  1. YOU never cease to amaze me! Glorious pairing of images Angela. Visually stunning. I'm a Taurus. I haven't heard anything about this changing business, but astrology doesn't guide my life either so...

  2. This changing sign stuff is actually pretty comical. But, these pictures you found are amazing! What a gorgeous interpretation of each sign :)

  3. Hi Angela,
    Thank you for your visit to my blog and your kind comments.
    I love the images of the star signs.
    Joni Mitchell is an old favotite of both me and my husband.
    Have a good week.


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