Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Resolve Project

Looking for some snazzy new wall paper for my iPhone I came across this great project started by Chris Streger. He asked designers to create a graphic wallpaper of their Resolutions for 2011. These graphics can then be downloaded by readers and used as their wallpaper. Whether you are a resolution holder or not these well designed images can act as great reminders of ideas or practices that you may be trying to incorporate into your life, plus they are fun to look at.  Head on over to the Resolve Project to see the rest.


  1. okay so your blog pretty much rocks! i just came over from Jenn's "a home in the making" and have been on a lovely stroll through your pages. so many things stand out to me. pantone color lover, Punky Brewster references, glee love, fabulous photography (um, sexy seagulls is WHAT!), typeface triumphs, awesome clothing montages and girl To Kill a Mockingbird is my favorite book, movie and everything in between! Atticus and all his little Finch's; "stand up Miss Jean Louise. your father's passing" brings me to tears every time.

    you have to go into graphic design or something like it; although i didn't see anything about your aspired career goals...i can tell it's a strongly embedded passion. hope you follow your spirit lead. happiness to find you and will most def. be following from now on. cheers to a wondrous new year ahead. ♥

  2. Cool beans! Margie

  3. @Lynn...Oh my goodness I am blushing:) Thank you so much for taking the time to come over and visit. I am always happy to find a girl who can enjoy Punky Brewster, glee and To Kill A Mockingbird!!! I am currently back in school for graphic design, I may be one of the oldest students there but I love it:)


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