Thursday, January 27, 2011

Punky Power Style File.

I was thinking it would be fun to come up with a "style file" inspired by Punky Brewster all grown up. I have been watching old episodes of this show which was my favorite growing up thanks to my recent DVD purchases from Target. Yes they have the shows on DVD for all you Punky fans out there, and the best part is they are only around $5.00. Score! OK so back to my idea of who Punky would be and what she would be wearing today. I think she would know how to have fun with her clothing, she would still rock the things she loved as a kid and most importantly everything would have an element of fun but with a sense of maturity. My picks are: 1. Purple Sequin Dress: Top Shop. 2. Color Wheel Necklace: Yellow Owl Workshop. 3.Denim Vest: Old Navy. 4. Sugar Stacked Rings: Tiffany & Co. 5. Hand Bag: Kate Spade . 6. Twirl Bow Cuff: Kate Spade. 7. Jet Set Coasters: Jonathan Adler. 8. Sequin Heart Headband: Ban.Do. 9. Butterfly Bootie: Christian Louboutin.

And just in case you need a reminder of who Punky was back then, here you go...

Punky Brewster!

Now the question is what other TV show character from my past can inspire a style board, Kelly Kapowski anyone?!?! Go ahead and revisit an old TV favorite and make a style file of what you think they would wear or have today, it's lots of fun (don't forget to send it my way so I can take a peak)!!


  1. I love your choices ... and I think they're very Punky Brewster. That was such a great show! Let's see, another great style file would be Blossom :)

  2. Love it! I always thought Malory from Family Ties had great clothes...

  3. You are a trip! Yup, you nailed it! xo, Margie

  4. @Jenn..Thanks! I loved blossom as well, I recall one episode and she wore a skirt made out of ties and a friend and I tried to make a skirt similar, yep disaster. Do you think she would have traded in the big flower on her hat for a corsage? Now my mind is going, hehehe.

    @Frau...I forgot about Mallory, hmmm may have to revisit that show.

    @Margie... that is why you enjoy me so, isn't it?

  5. you have no idea the big smile that formed on my face after seeing this! i am such a soleil moon frye fan, seriously she rocks...both now and then. ah, now i want to carve out some time to do one too, thanks for the inspiration and idea, if/when i get to it i'll be sure to send it your way. happy weekend!!!!

    pea ess: so happy you liked the tut post and spock felt the love!!!! ♥

  6. @Lynn...come on you know you want to do one, it's all the rage, plus I wanna see what you come up with!!


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